Housing demand – turning data into homes

Have a say in your future home and community.


Do you have a clear idea of what your future home may look like? If so, we want to hear about it!


By letting us know what you are looking for in your home, we can start to shape future communities based on what you tell us. We collect data from across the UK to find out what homes of the future should look and feel like, as well as where they are most needed.

Once you have submitted your demand, we will keep you informed of any custom build communities that come to market and meet your criteria.

Data can tell us a vast amount about the likes (and more importantly the dislikes) of homebuyers. The insight this data gives us, helps us deliver better designs. We have already learnt the impact of Covid-19 has resulted in a sharp focus of the importance of outdoor space and the ability to work from home.


CBH is a data driven company and highlights the need for self and custom build housing around the UK, to provide a more unique route to home ownership.


Together we can influence the spaces around us and the future of housebuilding in the UK.

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