Why buy a house...
when you can design
and create

your perfect home?

What is
Custom Build?

Custom build is a new form of housing procurement that enables people to design and create their own home as part of a supported process...

Custom Build Routes

As the UK’s most trusted Custom Build Enabler we support our clients to deliver successful custom build schemes of all types and ensure the proposition to buyers is both sellable and profitable. 

There are three distinct delivery routes for developing custom build homes namely; the creation and sale of serviced plots, the design, construction and sale of customisable homes and the collective custom build development by a group of people developing multiple properties. 



Parcelled building plots sold with planning permission agreed, road access in place and all required utilities serviced to the boundary.



Newly constructed homes offering buyers the opportunity to configure internal living spaces and fit out the interior.


Custom Build

Individuals come together as a group to collectively develop new homes to their preferred designs for themselves and others.


Technology, materials and legislation develop quickly in the housing market. Keep up to date with our latest news.

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