The Right to Build Register goes LIVE

The UK's Right to Build Register is a new digital platform connecting every local planning authority with individuals and community groups that are interested in building or commissioning their own homes.


The Right to Build Register is a new digital platform connecting every local planning authority in England with individuals and community groups, that are interested in building or commissioning their own homes, in their local area. It also then connects those people to opportunities in their area of choice and the suppliers who can help them make their new home a reality.

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In simple terms, The Right to Build Register is a single point of access where you can voice your preferences when it comes to the type of home you want to live in. It’s a place where you can come together with like-minded people to redesign the way our housing is delivered.

The Right to Build Register brings each of the English council registers together, under one fully compliant umbrella. It is England’s only National Right to Build Register allowing you to quickly register your preferences with any number of local councils in England, on one secure and user-friendly platform, without duplicating information. The data output from The Right to Build Register is consistent, current and accurate.

You can choose to register as an individual, or as a community group on The Right to Build Register. If you register as an individual, the council will look to provide you with an individual serviced plot. If you register as a group, the council will try to provide a plot for the group to build several homes, or flats. Either way, you will be kept up to date on what is happening in your area via the Right to Build Register’s Communications Hub.

As individuals and communities, now, more than ever, we can influence and shape the future of our housing and the way it is delivered by exercising our ‘Right to Build’.

The Right to Build Register means our future housing isn’t simply dictated to us by the big developers, it’s designed by us, for us.


To register your demand CLICK HERE

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