Grand Designs Live Custom Build Homes

Grand Designs Live 2024

Custom Build Homes were are Grand Designs Live in London yesterday to discuss the future of the self-build and custom housebuilding (SBCH) market with Kevin McCloud and property expert, writer, and broadcaster Kunle Barker alongside former housebuilder, custom build developer and Chair of the National Custom and Self Build Association Mark Stevenson.

The session, which attracted a significant audience and was themed “Custom build in the UK- the future is scale”, focused on the SBCH market in an international context and its scaling effect here in the UK. Also discussed were the barriers currently faced by the industry in a challenging housing market, emerging opportunities on larger housing sites and the potential future policy landscape with a General Election expected later in 2024.

The session also gave the audience a chance to engage directly with industry leaders to better understand the custom build housing model and see examples of recent and emerging projects.

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