Custom build housing gives back control to consumers

Could custom build housing be the answer to widespread consumer frustrations, as detailed by the Ipswich Building Society in their recent survey? The new Report states people have increasing concerns over whether they will find a plot for their new home and 40% believe financing their build would be the most difficult aspect of the project.

Custom Build Homes (CBH) is on a mission to diversify new housing supply in the UK by enabling everyone to customise and create a home that meets their lifestyle needs. CBH works in partnership with multiple landowners, local authorities, developers and housebuilders to create beautifully designed communities for now and the future.

In light of CV-19, the concept of accessing a new home that has been designed to meet the needs of individual homeowners has never been more appealing. As national lockdown descended, the suitability of our housing stock was tested like never before and the results were damning. It exposed the limitations of many volume-built designs, including their lack of liveable space and lack of natural light. As a result, the latest data shows more people are looking to move out of cities and to a home where they can have greater input into its design and use. This new consumer appetite has magnified the need for Government to further pledge its support to those wishing to custom build. The 30th October 2020 marked the second “Right to Build Day” and also the day when Robert Jenrick MP – Secretary of State for Housing & Communities stated there will be new reviews into the planning process to make accessing a plot for custom build easier and more affordable.

CBH has analysed the data from more than 9,800 individuals who are currently looking for a plot since March 2020. The data illustrates; 31% desire garden space, 23% desire a garage and 79% prefer a detached home with three (38%) or four (37%) bedrooms.

The Ipswich Building Society Report also states 20% of people believe finding the right contractors will be the hardest part of the process. While this may be true for some who wish to self-build, these concerns can be mitigated by many emerging custom build delivery models, where plot purchasers are supported by professionals to design or customise a new home before it is delivered on their behalf, either to completion or to an agreed stage.

It also highlights that many people believe funding their new home could be problematic. While the mortgage products and the process for arranging funding may differ for custom and self-build, there are a number of specialist lenders available nationally. Specialist Broker, BuildStore is excellently placed to support plot purchasers understand their budget and access funds with a large panel of lenders operating exclusively through them.

The Report went on to reveal the main motivators for building a new home includes; the desire for control over design (51%) and people’s increasing consciousness of environmentally friendly living (28%). While others recognise the various financial benefits to building their own home (17%), such as; reduced SDLT and possible VAT savings.

Meanwhile, the data accessed by CBH illustrates the reasons for people wishing to create their own homes are to create appropriate living spaces (17%), to create an energy efficient home (14%) and to live in better and more affordable homes (14%).

The Report highlights that location remains the most important factor when choosing a plot (40%). Others include the type of planning permission (21%), price (17%), size (12%) and commuting distance (6%).

The National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA) launched the inaugural “Right to Build Day” on the 30 October 2019. The date marked the first year where all English Local Authorities are required to demonstrate they have granted sufficient planning permissions for serviced plots as dictated by the demand generated on their discrete statutory demand Registers.

Hester McQueen, Chief Marketing Officer at CBH said: “Amazon, Netflix and Spotify have set consumers expectations when it comes to personalisation and it is becoming evident through research that people want greater levels of choice and personalisation where possible. So, it’s unsurprising people want to live in a home that’s been designed and built just for them.

“At CBH we want to make customising homes more accessible and affordable to all. Together we can build better, and to help us with this we are encouraging people to sign up to the Custom Build Register.  Their demand data will help us bring forward more plots and homes which respond accurately to satisfy people’s thirst to create as well as meet their individual needs. Sign up today on the Custom Build Homes website!”

The Ipswich Building Society’s research illustrated that 52% of people were unaware they need a special mortgage when creating their own home.

“We understand more needs to be done to explain how the mortgage process works and we are committed to this as is our partner BuildStore”, she added.