Cross Nursery

Cross Nursery- Submission of Reserved Matters Application

Custom Build Homes is delighted to announce that a Reserved Matters Application has been submitted for a collection of 14 Self-Build Homes at Cross Nursery, in Hertfordshire Green Belt.

Following receiving formal Outline Planning Permission (Ref 07/22/0147/O) from Broxbourne Borough Council on the 29th of December 2023, planners at Custom Build Homes have been preparing for the submission of a Reserved Matters Application (Ref 07/24/0035/RM). This RM application seeks detailed planning permission for 14 serviced building plots for self and custom housebuilding, in line with the Outline Planning Permission.

Broxbourne’s planning policy enables specific former nursery sites to come forward for planning permission to help deliver Broxbourne’s Council’s statutory duty to supply permissions for those wishing to build their own homes under the Self and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015.

The site, which sits on a derelict former horticultural nursery site, located on the edge of Goffs Oak, is being developed by Custom Build Homes, on behalf of the client. The semi-rural location in the Hertfordshire Countryside will soon make way for a new high-quality housing community of 14 self-build homes set out in a spacious, landscape-led layout.

The Reserved Matters Application sets out the specific design requirements for all development on the site which future individuals Reserved Matters applications must comply with. This includes submission of a Design Code, plot-specific Plot Passports and on-plot and off-plot detailed designs of the development. Further details of the application and related documents published, can be found on the Borough of Broxbourne planning portal via this link.

Plot purchasers will have the opportunity to purchase their desired plot and design a home that is in keeping with the approved Design Code, which has been submitted with the RM Application. Reference to the Design Code will help deliver an attractive, high-quality development that is in keeping with the local countryside surroundings.

The RM planning proposals were submitted in early January to Broxbourne Borough Council, compliant with submission requirements and Section 106 requirements. Submitting the proposal, now enables us to prepare for marketing the site, with an aimed planning determination by April 2023.

Pricing and further information will be available towards the sales launch, which is aimed for Summer, 2024.


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