CBH partners with land promoter Landström to deliver custom build housing

Custom Build Homes (CBH) has joined forces with specialist land promoter and development company Landström Group Ltd to unlock promoted land and deliver a custom build project near Hailsham, UK.

Landström operates on behalf of landowners to discover and maximise the potential of their land through the planning system. Their PropTech solution for identifying suitable land parcels for development is now bearing fruit as land appropriate for custom housebuilding is coming forward and Landström are recognising the opportunity to extend their proposition to become ‘Promoter Developer’.

The concept of ‘Promoter Developers’ has been advocated over recent years by CBH Founder Tom Connor. CBH is delighted to see land promoters, such as Landström, continuing with sites post planning, by creating serviced building plots and selling land direct to consumers. This approach is helping to unlock new sites for custom housebuilding and in turn maximising the return for their landowner clients. CBH looks forward to supporting this proposition as Enabling Partners in Hailsham.

The new custom build community, in East Sussex, benefits from Outline Planning Permission for five large detached homes. New homeowners will work with CBH to design and create their homes to meet their lifestyle needs now and in the future.

CBH is in the process of preparing a Design Code which will be utilised to secure Reserved Matters approval from Maidstone Borough Council and to set the parameters for individual house design, size, and specification.           

CBH holds the largest and most accurate database of people looking to create a new custom home in the UK. It includes people’s housing preferences and is used for shaping new custom build developments nationally. Therefore, as Enabling Partners, CBH is able to ensure customer propositions are being developed to respond accurately to known demand and marketed to an active audience.

Commenting on partnering with Landström, Founder of CBH Tom Connor, said:

“I am particularly excited to see Custom Build Homes collaborating with Landström.

“Their digital proposition for capturing the potential of land for housing is as interesting as it is proving successful and on the right sites is delivering land for custom and self-build homes.

“I am confident that together we can deliver fantastic new places for people to live, in homes they love,” he added.

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