The UK has suffered from a major housing shortage for a number of years, and with the Government far behind their target of building 1.5 million new homes by 2020, there is a requirement for a significant change in how we build and buy new homes in this country. 
The Government has decided, as part of the solution to the crisis and to assist their plans for the UK to build new homes at scale, people in England now have the lawful right to build their own home. 
Legislation was passed in April 2016 which is designed to significantly accelerate the growth of new housing by empowering consumers to design and build their own home or commission a home to be built to their specification.
This has been dubbed the ‘Right to Build’ and it has been given to everyone over the age of 18 in England. 
How do you exercise your right to build and what is the result of you doing so? 
You can exercise your Right to Build by registering your desire to either self or custom build your new home with any local planning authority in England.
You can register for one or many local planning authorities, although in some cases the authorities have implemented a local connection test where you would need to evidence your connection to the area for your registration to considered as official demand.
Registrations are compiled over the course of one year, from the 1st of November to the 31st October of the following year. These annual cycles are called ‘base periods’. At the end of each base period the local planning authority has an obligation to provide sufficient planning permissions - within an ongoing three year cycle - for new homes, that must be delivered through the sale of a serviced plots for self or custom build.
Due to the cyclical nature of how demand is harvested and the requirement for 100% of demand to be satisfied the ‘Right to Build’ sector is demand led. The more people who register the more opportunities which will become available at any given time.
There are currently over 33,000 people registered with their preferred local authority across England.
Will you be the next?

Your next steps...
Register Now
Register your interest on the Right to Build Register to demonstrate where you would like to live. By doing so, you will be kept up to date with the information you will need to make sure you do not miss any new development which is available in your preferred area. We will also use your preferences to educate local landowners, developers and local authorities throughout the planning and development process, to support the successful delivery of developments which match your requirements.