Purchasing a serviced plot can dramatically save you time and money, and still provide the same level of flexibility in the design and architecture as a standard self build project.

Serviced plots are always available with an outline planning permission already agreed, which simply means the local planning authority, for that location, has permitted the development of a new dwelling, but the design and specification of the house are still to be agreed. Firstly by you and your design team and then by the same planning authority by way of a detailed planning consent, which you will need to get before you can begin construction. 

You will benefit from the utilities your house will need to run being connected to the boundary of your plot. The process of delivering these utilities, which include; electricity, gas, water and telecoms, has been coordinated by the enabling developer. This means the speed at which your new home can be constructed is significantly quickened. 

Each serviced plot is accessible by a road which will have been designed to the requirements set by the Highways Authority. It's important to find out to what standard any road connected to your plot will be completed to, and if it will be adopted by the local council or whether you will be responsible for making annual payments towards its maintenance. 

When purchasing a serviced plot some developers may require you to purchase your plot at outline planning permission stage, while others allow you to reserve them, for a fee, while you design your new home and seek detailed approval. 


Image of Long Four Acres Avenue, Mulbarton, Norfolk