Often a preferred route for urban developments. You can purchase a plot and the superstructure of your new home will be built to a wind and watertight shell. This can be an apartment space, a duplex or a unit within terraced housing. This enables you to coordinate the delivery of the internal fit out and decorating.

Perhaps you don’t have the time or the inclination to be physically involved in the early parts of the construction process, but you would still like to live in a place which has been designed by you and made more affordable. Then self finishing your home might be the correct route for you.  

This is made possible by developers who offer design and build options to a specific stage of construction. Firstly, you will purchase the Serviced Plot from the developer (this may involve purchasing at ‘Golden Brick’) and then by entering into an Agreement with them, they will build your new home - to your agreed design - to a specific stage towards completion, this enables you to take the project on from there and finish it off.  

This could be once the house is wind and watertight or it could be later in the process where you can install your own lights, doors, kitchens and bathrooms. Your level of involvement can be entirely your choice. 

It is worth noting the more involved you are in the process the more money you could save, meaning your immediate equity on completion may be increased.  


Apartments and Townhouses

Custom Build is not just for detached homes on individual plots, in fact many developers are working in urban areas, where space is limited and house prices are at a premium. There are opportunities across many UK cities and towns where you can purchase a custom build apartment or townhouse. 

Due to the nature of these developments there is of course less scope to individualise the external of your home, as your apartment or townhouse is part of a single superstructure containing multiple units. However, many developers will give you the opportunity to design the interior layout of your home, and then you can 'self finish' the interior once it has been built to an agreed stage. This enables you to create your new home, individual to you, and more affordable, in an area which may have accelerating house prices. 

Each development opportunity is unique and as such, the payment process will vary. Some developers who offer self finish apartments or townhouses may require you to purchase at Serviced Plot stage - while others will only require a deposit and then you will complete your purchase when you take over the project. In any case, details of how you will be required to fund your project will be accessible from the developer or within the purchase agreement and advice on how any required borrowing is tailored to you can be found in the ‘Mortgage’ section of the Platform. 


Image credited to Unplan