You will purchase your plot and work with the developer to agree your preferred house design and specification. The developer will then deliver your completed new home to you.

Purchasing a serviced plot with a land and build package from a custom build developer means the construction of your new home will be coordinated by the developer. Often they will provide you with a design code, which will include a materials palette which may have been pre-approved by the local authority throughout the outline planning application. 

Depending on the site and the developer, you may be able to work with the developer to agree your house design, or some will allow you to engage with your own architect and design team and then the developer will take your designs and coordinate the delivery of your new home. 

Perhaps your lifestyle, family or work commitments restrict you from being able to have a hands-on approach to the delivery of your new home. The land and build package enables you to benefit from all the advantages of designing your own home allow for but the delivery of your home is taken care of by the professionals. 


Image credited to Lannister Homes