Golden brick plots are those which are available to purchase with the below ground works already completed by the developer, specific to your house design.

It is becoming common on larger sites for some custom build developers to provide ‘Golden Brick’ plots.

When purchasing your plot at Golden Brick, you will be entered into an Agreement with the developer to buy the land and foundations of your house, which have been designed specifically for your preferred house design. They are installed by the developer prior to you completing the purchase of your plot. 

There are some additional benefits to agreeing a Golden Brick package; firstly, not all custom builders have the inclination to coordinate the delivery of the foundations to their new home. With the developer handling this stage for you prior to you buying the plot can significantly speed up the process of building your new home. 

Some custom builders may choose to engage with one of the excellent homebuilding companies such Scotframe, SIPS Industries or Potton who will design and build new custom homes but do not directly get involved with any of the below ground works, instead this is outsourced to a third party for which you are charged for. If this work was carried out by the developer then it could make a considerable saving on the cost of your new home. 



Image credited to Graven Hill