This is where a developer has a choice of pre-approved house designs which have a range of customisable elements. Once you have chosen your preferred options the developer will build your home and deliver it to you.

There are circumstances where it is either not possible to provide people with total freedom of design and choice. This may be because the site is set within a place of natural beauty or heritage, and as such, there is a need for further control on design to ensure new housing is cohesive to each other, but also the environment for which it will sit. 

Certain custom build developers offer pre-designed homes which can be customised to an extent to suit your individual requirements. The process of customising your home is coordinated by the developer and usually consists of choosing a preferred internal layout and some minor exterior changes or upgrades to the external facade. 

Generally, the delivery of your custom build home will be coordinated by the custom build developer, however, in most cases you will be required to fund the project in stages, the first being the purchase of your serviced plot for which your house will be built upon. 


Image, St Edmunds Lane