The delivery of custom build housing is as varied as the flexibility of design it allows for. It is a spectrum of both choice and involvement, and each development opportunity is unique in terms of where it sits on this scale. 

Five points on this spectrum are assembled below to demonstrate common custom build delivery models. These models demonstrate how custom building can be for anyone, whether you have a trade, have self built before, or would not have thought you were capable of designing and creating your own home.

Custom Build is for everyone; young and old, families and people with specific requirements from their home which could raise their standard of living.

All delivery models for custom build housing is underpinned by two key components. Firstly, planning permissions are granted for homes to be delivered through the sale of serviced plots and secondly, the enabling of consumer involvement and choice to bring new custom build developments to the market.

On many developments, people can choose from more than one custom build model to follow. It is about facilitating the delivery of your home in the way you wish.