For many years, the UK's new housing stock has been delivered almost exclusively by larger, national house builders. This is now changing... through custom build. 
The current model for new housing has a number of major drawbacks; a very limited choice of design and plot size, and virtually no input from you, the house buyer, into your finished home. 
Custom build is all about flexibility. And all about choice. Your choice.
There are several routes to custom building your home. Every custom build site will have different variables and the custom build enabler or developer will provide you with a menu of options to choose from. Even if you’re hopeless at DIY you can custom build. Choose to do as much or as little of the work yourself while supported by industry professionals. 
Custom builds always start with access to a serviced plot which is facilitated by an enabler or custom build developer. Once you have your serviced plot, you can choose to build your own home either yourself, by employing your own architect or builder, or you might choose to work with the developer to design and build your home to an agreed stage towards completion – then step in yourself to finish it off, just the way you want it. Alternatively, you might simply be happy to be involved in the design of your new home, and leave the developer to build it for you to a fixed budget or timescale. The choice is yours.
The key to custom build is finding the right site and plot for you.
Custom build enables families to choose a particular plot and the design of the home they want to build on it. At present, custom build sites can come with anything from 4 – 2000 serviced plots ready for building on and each custom build site has its own menu of options to choose from.
You can find information on current plots for sale and sites coming soon in our PlotStore.
Custom build is demand-led housing.
If you want quality, choice and greater flexibility when it comes to buying your next home, you need to register to make local councils and private landowners aware of the demand for this type of housing in their local area, so that they can plan accordingly and create more opportunities.
The Government is backing custom build by insisting that local authorities in England take into account demand for custom build, and satisfy that demand in respect of granting sufficient numbers of planning permissions and when creating planning policies and housing strategies.
Custom Build Homes brings together all of the services you’ll need to create your custom build home – from identifying suitable custom build locations, choosing your plot, arranging your finances and all the professional support you will need.