New 'PlotStore' Created In Suffolk, Opening Soon

As we head towards the launch of The Green, Custom Build Homes has created the development's very own 'PlotStore' where buyers and professionals alike can meet, collaborate, and work.

Custom Build Homes has renovated a disused building at The Green, creating a new spot which is ideal for people to use throughout their self build journey. With a desire to differentiate itself from a typical new build marketing suite, the 'PlotStore' will provide a place where information can be sought and advice given, as well as a place where buyers can engage with their professional team on an ongoing basis. Custom Build Homes Media Designer Graham Taylor led the project, which was completed with the support of BuildStore staff and the current landowner. The building was tidied, cleaned and painted, both inside and out.

The idea to use the previously disused butcher's shop for the 'PlotStore' was first proposed during a previous site visit, where questions were raised over the use of the existing building. Seeing the potential, and wanting to inject a sense of creativity into the development from the start, the renovation of the building demonstrates the imagination that Custom Build Homes puts into everything they do.


Painting the Plot Store


The result of the renovation is a cosy interior: with chairs, tables, and facilities to make a cup of tea or coffee for those working within; although it remains rustic and in keeping with the village feel.

Once The Green is brought to market, the 'PlotStore' will be utilised during professional plot viewings by Custom Build Homes. It will be in this venue that self build expert, Robin Batchelder, will discuss the requirements with each prospective buyer and assess the various design options available to them. The 'PlotStore' will also be a central location for interested parties to access information about the various industry experts Custom Build Homes has engaged with to provide support to buyers throughout their journey. 


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The Finished Plot Store

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