2021 Interior Trends

This year we will be seeing a lot more natural and raw materials as many of us move to a simpler lifestyle – it’s all about more ethical, more durable, more flexible, more wellness and more digital.

Colours of the year 

Pantone has announced not one but two colours of the year: grey and yellow. Grey reflects the global pandemic and yellow has been chosen to represent a tunnel of hope! Many designers and brands are embracing the language of colour to communicate and connect through their designs.

Connecting to nature in our home

Many designs will be using nature's colours to bring the outside in, through the use of calming colours like light and dark blues and forest greens. The grey pantone colour of the year produces a balanced relaxing atmosphere both emotionally and physically. The other colour of the year, yellow, will make a great feature wall – a splash of happy will keep the room feeling airy and light.

We are becoming much more aware of living more sustainably; people want to do their part to preserve the planet through buying lasting solutions. Simplicity and ethnicity are a rising trend, as people distance themselves from mass products that aren’t made to last. We will see furniture pieces and fabrics become reliable, stable and durable as we use our home products more. Resilience will become an important factor when purchasing new homeware.

Earthy palettes and textures will be used, to give that simplicity and natural look in our homes, largely inspired by land, water, plants and the sky. Imagine natural stones such as marble, granite and limestone (travertines)! Last year rattan was a rising trend, well there will be a lot more to come in 2021. Look out for greys, browns, olive green and burnt orange – with neutrals, chalks and slate greys being used as interior highlights. 

Blush is now considered to be a neutral colour so we will be seeing this tone more.

Many of us will continue to spend more time at home; edible plants will continue to grow in popularity this year. Growing your own fresh ingredients, such as herbs, is perfect for preparing dishes and beverages when you want.

Modular interior for modern living

Our homes are where we continue to carry out multiple tasks, from learning and working to fitness. We will think more carefully when designing spaces such as considering furniture that can play double duty.

As we spend more time at home, we can make this a place for healing and comfort, by using interior design to aid us to a healthier life. Improving our home's environment such as purchasing humidifiers, dehumidifiers and diffusers to boost our immune system.

Custom build homes allow people to create the right spaces from the start, individuals have the opportunity to work with architects to understand their living needs to create a layout that works now and in the future.

Smart and friendly home

This trend is driven by the digital generation and will continue to evolve and grow.           

Our homes will be designed to be more enjoyable and practical. For instance, swapping out regular bulbs for smart lighting options enables us to control lights through a touch of a button, voice command, or schedule, creating different ambiences. We will see more people adopt voice assistants for easy living such as “Alexa, turn the living room lamp on” – eventually she will understand!

With custom build homes, people have the opportunity to implement the right infrastructure from the start to create a smart and friendly home; from adding solar panels to reduce monthly bills, to a charging pod point for your car.

The power of good architecture will help us create better homes for now and in the future. By creating your own home with us, you’ll be able to choose your internal layouts and interior design and create the home you desire, such as smart living. Environmental factors are a hot trend and by designing your own home you will have input into materials such as insulation to reduce energy bills. Looking to create your own home in your area? Sign up to our Custom Build Register here or look here to see our current custom build opportunities.

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