Custom build versus new build – key differences

Posted by Tim Doherty

Tim Doherty takes a look at the key differences when opting for a custom built home as opposed to buying a new home from a conventional house-builder?  Much is the

Can the growth of multi-generational living improve the quality of life for many across the Country?

Posted by Tom Connor

Perhaps the most significant trend of the last decade is the re-emergence of multi-generational living. This is when two or more generations in the same family – out with the traditional family structure

Broken plan design and how you can use it in your home

Posted by Tom Wiffen

“Broken Plan” is a phrase coined by architect Mary Duggan whilst judging the RIBA House of the Year Awards in 2015.  “It is the evolution of open plan” which she

8 reasons to hire an interior designer to help with your custom build home

Posted by Tom Connor

With so many new services for interior decorating and design help, I’ve heard a LOT of discussion about the question whether or not to hire an interior designer. How do