What the British can learn from the Americans about Custom Build

Posted by Tom Connor

Over the past few years, I’ve spent my days working across the United States. During that time, I’ve visited and stayed in family homes across 27 states – in virtually

Why compromise when you can custom build?

Posted by Emma Spence
Custom Build Solutions

Moira Blackledge reviews the impact popular television programmes have had on our desire to create a ‘dream home’ and how making compromises can be avoided.

Without doubt, the late 90’s/early

How to create a flexible, quality living space to suit your requirements now and in the future

Posted by Opinder Liddar

Realising your own custom build home and personalising it, is a fantastic opportunity. It can be an enriching journey, albeit with some manageable challenges along the way. By investing time

Custom build versus new build – key differences

Posted by Tim Doherty

Tim Doherty takes a look at the key differences when opting for a custom built home as opposed to buying a new home from a conventional house-builder?  Much is the