Windows with the WOW factor for your custom build

Posted by Emma Spence

Plenty of daylight makes a property look lighter, airier, more spacious and welcoming.  And, science says that plenty of natural light is vital for our health and well-being.  We’ve pulled

8 reasons to hire an interior designer to help with your custom build home

Posted by Tom Connor

With so many new services for interior decorating and design help, I’ve heard a LOT of discussion about the question whether or not to hire an interior designer. How do

Right to Build: an update

Posted by Lucy Edgington

The UK has a housing shortage. According to figures from Government statistics, the period 2015-2016 saw 172,490 new homes being built. If these rates continue, it will fall short of

How to deal with an awkwardly-shaped living room

Posted by Tom Connor

Get the most out of a tricky space by thinking outside the box 
In living rooms – just as in life – the perfect shape may well be the ideal,