What the British can learn from the Americans about Custom Build

Posted by Tom Connor

Over the past few years, I’ve spent my days working across the United States. During that time, I’ve visited and stayed in family homes across 27 states – in virtually

Can the growth of multi-generational living improve the quality of life for many across the Country?

Posted by Tom Connor

Perhaps the most significant trend of the last decade is the re-emergence of multi-generational living. This is when two or more generations in the same family – out with the traditional family structure

Broken plan design and how you can use it in your home

Posted by Tom Wiffen

“Broken Plan” is a phrase coined by architect Mary Duggan whilst judging the RIBA House of the Year Awards in 2015.  “It is the evolution of open plan” which she

Right to Build: an update

Posted by Lucy Edgington

The UK has a housing shortage. According to figures from Government statistics, the period 2015-2016 saw 172,490 new homes being built. If these rates continue, it will fall short of