A home designed and created specifically for you can enhance many aspects of your life; from family interaction and community engagement to your finances and environmental ambitions.


Retained Equity
You can typically save between 5 and 15% of your total house costs when comparing prices to a similarly sized new build home in the same location.

Stamp Duty
The majority of our housing options only have Stamp Duty payable on the cost of the plot. This can create typical savings of up to £5000 compared with buying a new build home. 

Lower ongoing maintenance costs 
Custom build homes are built to a high specification with sustainable materials resulting in an energy efficient home which requires less maintenance and lower running costs.


Family friendly

Flexible living spaces
You choose the size and orientation of your living spaces in your new home. You can have an open plan layout or defined rooms for spaces for exercising, working and even home-schooling.

Child friendly areas
Create children’s playrooms, unique bedrooms and safe outdoor spaces for exercise.


Multigenerational living

Many of our customisable home designs have independent living spaces as an optional layout choice and others who design bespoke homes cater for elderly relatives or adult children living comfortably together.


Stress free

Our simple and easy to understand process of design, finance and construction makes Custom Build Homes the informative, fun and stress-free choice for creating your new home.


Working from home

Working efficiently from home is one of the greatest benefits of living in a custom build home. Design your ideal workspace such as a home office, studio or workshop.


Sustainable living

Custom build homes are built to a higher specification than current new build housing standards. By designing your new home with Custom Build Homes you can live in an environmentally friendly home helping to reduce your carbon footprint.


Freedom in retirement

Custom building offers an excellent alternative to expensive retirement homes. By downsizing into an energy efficient custom build home can release cash for enjoying life in later years in a home with reduced running costs.



Your new custom build home can include interior fittings that enhance the lives of those with accessibility needs such as lower surfaces, easy use bathrooms and ground floor living.


Future proofing

When you’re involved with the design of your home, a few simple decisions can ensure your home stands the test of time. This could be intelligent smart home technology or energy saving choices that reduce your environmental impact.