Scandinavian Homes

Scandinavian Homes is a Yorkshire based, family run business, building high quality Finnish timber panel and log homes across the UK. You can expect something a little different from us - all the freedom of choice you get from traditional self-build and the convenience, peace of mind and support you’d expect from a turnkey custom build package. Turnkey to us means ready to move in, so we don’t expect you to manage parts of the project; we handle everything from groundworks to decoration. Our experience and expertise means you can turn to us with total confidence for advice on searching for land, seeking project funding, help with planning and building your dream home.


Timber panel homes

The panel house system we offer is a very quick way to build your sustainable timber, energy efficient home. The structural exterior panels for your house are constructed offsite in the factory in Finland, and arrive with ultra-warm, triple glazed windows pre-installed. Insulation, plasterboard, wiring conduit and external cladding are factory fitted and our team can build your home to wind and watertight within a week. During production time we arrange for your foundations to be constructed and once the house is watertight, we build the internal walls and fully complete and decorate your home - all to your agreed specification. Our houses are highly insulated and virtually airtight, leading to low running costs. If we manage the whole build for you (i.e. a turnkey build), it should take around 12 weeks from foundations to finish for an average sized house of around 150m². If you want more hands-on involvement, then shell build options are also available.

Log homes

When you use the words ‘log cabin’, people often imagine something rustic, tucked away in the woods, or they think about Center Parcs or similar holiday destinations. It’s true, there are plenty of log cabins around that meet those descriptions, and they’re lovely for holidays, but houses made of logs aren’t ALL about the rustic. Log homes can be just as sophisticated and modern as any other type of house construction. If you choose one of our stunning log homes, whether the traditional chalet style or a modern home that is perfect for a city street, it can be built and weathertight within as little as 4-6 weeks, at which point the rest of the trades can get to work unhampered by the weather. Our insulated log homes can also be supplied as kits for you to build yourself, and they have the great advantage that they can be built on plots that are harder to access than the panel houses.

Custom build the Scandinavian way means that you can choose an eco-friendly, energy efficient design and customise it to suit you. With a full package build option, you select heating and renewables, your kitchen, bathroom, flooring and decor, all backed up by support and advice from our experts. Timber buildings are an eco-friendly housing choice, delivering a low carbon build as well as low running costs during the life of your home. You’ll find that wood also makes for excellent indoor air quality, as the insulating and moisture regulating properties of wood prevent the growth of harmful mould. The lack of static electricity minimises dust formation in your home, making a timber house an excellent option for people with allergies. 

Take the stress out of self build; the Scandinavian way is predictable and rapid (under six months from order to completion). Individually yours - a full package where you still have control of the final decisions. Create a home so perfectly suited to you, you’ll never want to move again.

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