PiP Architecture

At PiP, we know that architecture is an important part of daily experience. We take great care to design buildings and spaces that will reflect your vision. This is achieved through our well-structured process which combines creativity and technical knowledge.

We follow a clear step by step progression influenced by design and creativity to achieve an exclusive solution evolved from initial concept through to well-constructed building. Our philosophy, attention to detail, and understanding of traditional and modern materials and construction methods ensure a living continuity for our buildings and places.


Our commitment to you

Our role as designers is to provide services that are tailor-made for the client, ranging from brief development right through to completion and delivery of a project. We are known for our attention to detail in guiding our clients with a wide range of projects from small to high scaled projects.

We understand that the design process can be difficult for first timers so we provide guidance through each stage from planning to producing technical drawings as well as the engagement with sub-contractors.

Our process

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