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Native Architects is a Yorkshire based architects practice specialising in delivering individually designed, low environmental cost sustainable buildings. We work all over Northern and Eastern England but our work and specialist knowledge has spread and now clients are asking us to design buildings all over the UK.





Native Architects is deeply committed to designing and constructing an environmentally responsible built environment whether in an urban or rural setting and in the past few years our knowledge of bio-based construction materials has enabled many new buildings to be built in this way.

As leaders in authentic and sustainable building design we have the experience to specify modern building techniques and traditional methods that combine and create inspirational buildings to meet high sustainability standards. This ethos allows us to conserve historic and build new vernacular buildings to create new imaginative and practical buildings that work for individuals and don’t cost the earth. 


We will help you through discussions and meetings and guide you through the process of working with us to create your home, using our imagination and innovative thinking. We will listen and use our skills of creativity, technical excellence, thoughtfulness together with personal service and a touch of architectural brilliance to create well-crafted enduring sustainable buildings.

We deliver buildings that are both relevant to their function and complementary to their locale, our architecture is “native in every sense“, domestic, home grown and familiar, associated with and relating to a place without limitation. The practice has delivered a range of buildings producing architecture that is rich in character and distinct in identity. We are inspired by local distinctiveness, particularly natural qualities that are instinctive and unpretentious.

We begin the design process by analysing the site location and any local precedents and physical properties of building materials. Concepts for building forms emerge initially through a consideration of the site context whether open and rural or constrained in a sensitive or developed environment and of course the building function. Designs emerge from a clear concept built on an understanding of the requirements and the site, specific characteristics of the concept will translate into the detailed design process. Relevant vernacular details and forms will influence the design of the building to create high visual standards in contemporary or traditional designs.


Native Chartered Architects, The Granary, Lingcroft Farm, Fulford, York, YO19 4RE

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