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lapd Architects are award winning self build architects. An architect doesn’t just design your home, they are your guide through the whole self build process. From concept design, through planning application, to completion on site, your Architect should be your first point of contact. lapd Architects filter the noise so that you can make the decisions which matter most to you.


Giving you the power to choose

lapd Architects give you the power to choose. We have no bias or agenda toward any design style or build system. Self build is about having a home that is truly bespoke to you and your life. Nothing should be off the table until you have decided that a particular option is right for you and your own project.

Graven Hill

lapd Architects have a large and growing self build community at Graven Hill. No two self builds are the same, and the range of designs and build methods that our different clients utilise is a real life example of the self build dream. We start by understanding our clients, what their taste is like and how they live, before building a home that is based around them and their lives.

lapd Architects are also the designers of Build It’s Self-build Education House, a one of a kind centre that aims to educate potential self builders on the broad range of materials, techniques and design options that are available to those who want to go down the self build route.



 “I wish I had found you a year and a half ago” Graven Hill Self-builder


“At our initial meetings, we instantly felt that lapd understood what we were trying to achieve” Residential client

“lapd is undoubtedly the best self-build architect that I've come across in many years!” Self-builder

Getting in touch

lapd Architects offer a free initial consultation to talk through how we can help you to make your dream home a reality. You can fill in the contact form below.

Abingdon Office -  Main Office, The studio, Building F5 (north), Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, Oxford OX14 3EB

Henley Office - 45 Station Road, Henley On Thames, RG9 1AT

North Oxford Office - Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7HT


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