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HexxHome Custom Build was established to help serve the needs of a generation of people who do not want to purchase a home from a volume house builder; people who believe in sustainable construction, and are prepared to devote the time and resources to find the right partner to help them design and build a better home. HexxHome aims to become an established Custom Home provider delivering a top quality turnkey service to plot owners Nationwide.


The HexxHome concept began in 2014 and since then we have developed our build-system to provide a housing solution which is manufactured offsite, erected using modern best practices and future proofed to embrace new and emerging technology. A prototype HexxHome pod was built at our factory in Somerset in the summer of 2016 and then extended into a fully functioning one bed house which is used as a demonstrator and for product development. Our unique build-system was given patent pending status in February 2018 and in May of that year was awarded LABC/Premier Guarantee Warranty making it suitable for UK mortgage lenders.

Our vision is to provide a leading housing solution that the home owner can take pride in; our design philosophy is SIMPLE YET SOPHISTICATED. We design homes to meet the demands of modern society which are built to surpass the quality and environmental standards of UK building regulations at a realistic price.



HexxHome has been selected to build an exemplar house on a Show Home complex at Graven Hill Village, the largest Self and Custom Build development in the UK.  Our 3-bedroom home has been designed by Charlie Luxton Design utilising the HexxHome build system. Our system comprises a range of standardised precast concrete panels and slabs, designed to fit together to form the exo-skeleton of the building which can also serve as the finished façade.  A wide range of materials (brick, stone, tiles and timber) can be applied to the exterior to suit the home owner’s preferences.  HexxHome is the only offsite manufactured heavy masonry solution available at Graven Hill and as such adds to the range and diversity custom build house purchasers can choose from.

Since the award of the Show Home project, Graven Hill Village Development Company has commissioned HexxHome to deliver 3 new Custom Build Homes on Phase 1b of the development.  The homes range from 3 to 5 bedrooms ranging from 106 to 194 sq. m. 

One advantage of our system is the speed with which it can be deployed and assembled enabling a watertight envelope for a 3 bedroom house to be completed in 2 weeks. It has excellent thermal performance, exceptional airtightness, superior acoustic performance and is fire and flood resistant. The flexibility inherent in the HexxHome build system enables us to design and build homes to suit all budgets from starter homes to a grand designs style property. Indeed, our Show Home is located immediately adjacent to the 10 Pioneer houses which were the subject of the Grand Designs series of programmes: THE STREET. Our prices range from a base level of £1,600 per sq. m. to in excess of £3,000 per sq. m. depending upon the budget and imagination of the purchaser. (Prices exclude Golden Brick foundation).


We use a fabric first approach to ensure our buildings perform to a very high standard. We use the thermal mass of concrete, airtightness of our system and materials with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to create homes where the environment is peaceful and healthy. 

We keep embodied energy to a minimum by using recycled materials within our precast concrete and only source our materials locally. The high quality, long-lasting concrete build system means that energy efficiency is maintained throughout its working life, paying back the embodied energy of manufacture many times over throughout its lifetime. 

The HexxHome build system is extremely robust and durable and requires very little maintenance over its lifetime, saving you time and money. Should you wish to extend your home in the future, you can achieve this by simply adding the relevant slab and wall panels from our standard components.


As a HexxHome customer you can choose to have as much or as little input into the design of your home as you like.  You can choose from our standard house types or personalise your home with bespoke external and internal arrangements and finishes.


Contact us as soon as you’ve secured your ideal plot.  We take the time to understand how you want to live and what you want from your dream home.  Work with our team to ensure you get the layout that best suits you.  You can request open plan living or separate rooms taking advantage of views out of the home and capturing natural light.

We have a range of options to utilise the best available renewable energy technology in your home. Our premium package can deliver a 90% reduction in energy costs over a standard volume developer home and zero carbon living if desired.

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