Facit Homes

Facit Homes is one of the UK’s leading home manufacturers. We use digital manufacturing technology to create individually designed, high performance homes. Our progressive approach combines total design freedom with a guaranteed level of quality, sustainability and value. The result is a low energy, modern home that is perfectly tailored to you.

For most of us, building your own home is a once in a lifetime experience. But it can be a daunting prospect, filled with uncertainty and risk. Facit Homes offers a simpler way to realise your dream by combining all of the necessary skills and knowledge into one company that does it all. So you can focus on enjoying the journey and planning for life in your new home.

In 2018 we won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition of our innovative approach to homebuilding.

The Facit Home

At the heart of every Facit Home is a series of highly engineered systems and components, which can be endlessly customised and configured to suit you. This guarantees a consistently high standard of quality and performance, whilst allowing almost unlimited design possibilities.

Under the skin of each home is our advanced structural system, the unique Facit Chassis™. It provides a range of advantages over traditional building methods. And like the chassis of a car it is designed to seamlessly receive all of the other components.

Outstanding environmental performance comes as standard, as does elegant, contemporary design. A small number of carefully developed and selected Core Components including triple glazed windows ensure your home sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency.

Digital Manufacturing

Facit Homes are made with the precision of a Swiss watch. Literally. Because we’re the world’s first home manufacturer to use a purely digital design and production process, converting virtual 3D components into exact physical replicas.

Digital manufacturing is an integrated approach centred around a computer system, where data is used to control every process. We design every element of your home within a 3D computer model that generates all of the vital information, from quantities and prices to the size of each window and position of every light switch.

Computer-controlled machinery guarantees fast, efficient and precise production. It can achieve incredible levels of accuracy and complexity. We harness this technology to produce your home, utilising these abilities and turning the digital model in to reality with no interpretation or human error.

Our process

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