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BuildStore is the UK’s leading mortgage brokerage specialising in mortgages and finance specifically for homebuilding projects.

Custom build mortgages are specialist products and your stage payments need to be tailored to suit your individual circumstances. BuildStore has by far the widest selection of mortgages for custom build and will ensure that you have the right funds, at each stage of your project.

Our dedicated support team is with you throughout your mortgage application, during the build and beyond, offering support and guidance, and dealing with any issues that may arise to ensure a smooth and stress-free project.


  • Borrow up to 95% of your plot and build costs
  • Stay in your current home until you have finished your new one
  • Guaranteed stage payments available based on your build costs
  • Advance or arrears stage payments
  • Tailored cashflow to suit your individual circumstances and build
  • Interest only during the build
  • Competitive Interest rates


With a custom build mortgage, your funds will be released in stages as your custom build home is built.  These stage releases will be paid at key milestones – usually three or four as the build progresses.  Stage payments can be released either in advance or arrears depending on your individual circumstances and requirements. 

A cost based mortgage is generally best suited to custom build where stage payments are guaranteed based on your project costs.  This gives you certainty that your home will be completed to a fixed budget.

For unbeatable knowledge and products tailored for custom


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