Developing land for custom build



No matter the size of land in your ownership, Custom Build Homes makes it simple and stress-free to enable it for custom build development. Our expert team helps you maximise the value of your land by selling serviced plots or customisable homes direct to purchasers. You’re in full control of the process, the prices and retain ownership of the land until it’s time to sell.


1. Early stage consultancy

We shape new developments that align with your vision and responds to known demand.


2. Enabling services

We provide all professional services required to achieve planning consent, prepare the site and engage effectively with purchasers.


3. Sales

We ensure purchasers are supported through the design, planning, mortgage and legal processes required to achieve swift successful sales.


4. Construction

We coordinate the delivery of bespoke and customised new homes on behalf of your purchasers.


We know it is a priority to trust the people you choose to help develop your land to maximise its financial and social value. Custom Build Homes works with you to shape a development proposition which aligns with your personal or corporate vision and values. As part of the BuildStore Group you will also have access to industry leading finance, mortgage and insurance products and protections which act to further support and ease the delivery of new homes. 


Unparalled knowledge

“Custom Build Homes has an unparalleled knowledge of the custom and self-build sector and has supported us to write our first ever design code, legal contracts, answering my constant barrage of questions and even standing out in the pouring rain showing prospective buyers our first ever serviced plots!”
Tim Moon, Community & Self Build Officer, City of York Council




Heather Orton - Trinty Mews


Custom Build Homes’ friendly and knowledgeable approach has helped us develop our first custom build project.” 

Heather Orton - Project Development Team Leader, Development and Housing, Regeneration, Economy and Growth, Durham County Council 


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Work with experts


  • The UK’s largest and most accurate database of custom build demand data
  • An expert team of design, planning, finance and construction professionals
  • Supported by a national network of professionals and trades
  • Access to customisable house designs for use on your site
  • Pre-agreed custom build mortgage products for your purchasers
  • Retain ownership of your land throughout the development process
  • Sell direct to purchasers and maximise your development profit 



Custom Build Homes


What is Custom Build Homes?

Custom Build Homes facilitates the preparation of land for the sale of serviced building plots and supports purchasers to design, fund and construct their new homes. 


What is enabling?

Enabling is a new form of professional support given to landowners, land promoters, local authorities and housebuilders to ensure the successful development of custom housing of land in their ownership.


Is your land suitable?


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