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Graven Hill is a unique development in Bicester which, on completion, has the potential to define a dramatic change in large-scale residential development in the UK, through the promotion of custom build housing. Cherwell District Council have worked with industry experts to create the largest self and custom build development in the UK.

Since the 1960s, UK housebuilding has prioritised volume housebuilding that allows little to no input from the people who will live in the finished homes. Prospective house buyers are disillusioned by rising house values, increasing rent costs, and a lack of attractive and affordable options in the areas they want to live.

Graven Hill offers a viable alternative to people looking for a new home in the South East. Once completed, it will consist of 1,900 new homes on the outskirts of Bicester, a bustling market town in the heart of Oxfordshire, and will be the largest collection of individually designed homes on a single site in Europe.

Diversifying the delivery and design of new homes will have a positive effect on their future residents. They will benefit from being part of a welcoming and diverse community, as people from all over the UK come together to create their own bespoke homes.

The masterplan for Graven Hill has provided cycle lanes to enable children and adults alike to cycle safely around the town. This will reduce local traffic, improving noise pollution and the local air quality.

Graven Hill is a development created to provide its residents with the highest possible quality of life – from the design and construction quality of their homes to the quality of planning that has created the town they live in. Build your home at Graven Hill and enjoy a better life



Imagination is the key to creating something new. Graven Hill is your opportunity to imagine how you ideally want to live, and realise your dreams in a new home. Some may approach Graven Hill looking for suitable living spaces to comfortably work from home, or welcome extended family members into their home. Others may be searching for a comfortable home that they can afford to own, and will be excited by the opportunity to create a better home at a more affordable price.

It is only after you have visualised your dream that you can begin to realise your dream, by creating practical designs.


Creating a new home can appear to be as daunting as it is exciting, but Graven Hill allows you to realise your home in a number of different ways. Whichever route you decide to adopt, you can be confident of being fully supported by professionals from start to finish.

Your choice of plot depends on the level of input you wish to have in the design and construction of your new home. You can choose between designing a home from scratch on a ‘Self-build Plot’; or you can choose to work with one of several recommended ‘Mix & Match’ homebuilders, and customise an already approved design to align it with your specific needs.

Alternatively, if your ambition is to buy a high-quality new home, the Graven Hill ‘Tailored Finish’ options could suit you. These homes are pre-designed with a selection of internal layouts for you to choose from. There are detached and terraced houses available, and each is built to certified Passive House standard. 


Building a home is not a task that should be undertaken lightly. There are many benefits to contributing to the construction process, and thousands of people in the UK each year take on part of the building work of their new home. At Graven Hill you can decide to take on as much, or as little of the build process as you wish, but like any major project, accessing planning and support is key.

If you are considering any project at Graven Hill, it is important to understand what stage in the process you may require professional support. This ensures you can factor that support into your budget and timeline from the very start.

Custom Build Homes works with a large directory of professionals to provide you with support in the design, finance, and build of your new home. We can engage with them on your behalf, to ensure your new home is built on budget and on time, fulfilling all of your hopes. 



Graven Hill is an ideal site for anyone wishing to create their new home in the South East. The town benefits from its location on the edge of Bicester, a market town in the heart of Oxfordshire, and has a host of amenities, schools and high street conveniences within walking distance.

Bicester is also home to the world-renowned Bicester Village. This unique shopping experience attracts visitors from across the globe and hosts some of the biggest and most luxurious brands at heavily discounted prices.

Graven Hill is well-connected almost every part of the UK. Luton and Heathrow Airports are one hour by car, and central London is 45 minutes by train, which leaves hourly from the nearby Bicester Station. 


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