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For many, buying a new home is the largest and most important investment they will make in their lifetime. However, very few get to enjoy the benefits of living in a property that truly meets their needs, while being affordable in price and built to the specification they desire. 

But this is beginning to change. 

Now you can buy a home, where instead of choosing how many bedrooms you wanted, you can instead work with experts to define every space within your home. You can choose every dimension and define what each space is going to be used for. 

You could decide to have an open plan home or one that is separated into defined living spaces that enables every member of your family to live in harmony or even comfortably live with elderly family members without being on top of each other by designing spaces that suit how you live. 

In fact, you can now choose how your home looks both inside and out, how big it is, its design, its layout, what materials its specification. Instead of paying large monthly bills; you can choose to be more energy efficient, by creating a place with increased air tightness or one that makes excellent use of solar power. This will ensure your home is kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without increasing your energy payments. 

All of this is now available to you, and at a more affordable price by deciding to by a custom build home. Many people choose to work with an architect or a homebuilder, but some decide to do some of the building work themselves. Although no matter what is the best route for you, you will be supported at every stage. 

Many custom build developments are now being enabled across the United Kingdom, which provide you the opportunity to achieve all of this and more, and Custom Build Homes is rapidly becoming the ‘go-to' place to find, fund and manage the delivery of your new home, exactly the way you want it. 

There are currently obstacles that restrict the number of people who can buy their own home. Infact due to rapidly increasing house prices, many people are priced out of the market in some of the most desirable towns and cities across the Country. The good news is, the UK Government has recognised this, and in 2016, it gave people, the 'Right to Build' their own home in England. This new law obliged all local planning authorities to keep a register of people who wished to create their own home through custom build in their area. It was then amended to ensure they satisfied all of that demand by providing new planning permissions for serviced plots within a rolling three year period. 

It is my belief that this legislation will empower people to take back homebuilding and to control the delivery of new housing, that will enable people to create places and homes that work for their needs at a price they can afford, whatever their budget. It will be the catalyst to a paradigm shift in the way the housing market is structured and how it operates from now on. It has opened the door for better place making on a strategic level, resulting in greener towns, developments and individual homes. 

It is beginning to diversify the housing product, so much so that Custom Build Homes is striving to create and be the ‘Estate Agency Of Tomorrow’ today by focusing on standardising the sale of land and providing the level of support anyone needs to realise their new home on time, every time and within the budget they’ve set. 

Custom Build Homes has successfully acted on behalf of a number of specialist custom build developers and larger house builders to market and sell plots and custom build opportunities across the United Kingdom. Its sister company; Custom Build Solutions, is providing a range of enabling services to those bringing forward new development and we both look forward to bringing you the best possible service going forward.  


Tom Connor 

Head of Operations