Welcome to Custom Build Homes. This new platform is packed with inspirational content and should be your starting point to journey with us, through what I believe, will be a paradigm shift in the way we buy new homes in the future.

The custom build movement is shaping right now, empowering you the homebuyer – by giving you greater control and influence over your new home’s design, specification, and the way it is delivered.   Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to create a home that is tailored for you and your family’s lifestyle, because custom build lets you step forward much earlier in the sales process.

In creating Custom Build Homes, I wanted to fundamentally change the way that custom build developments are brought to market. Custom Build is demand-led, so naturally we start with people – potential custom builders – and a thorough understanding of what they really want, and what they need to know.   As a result, Custom Build Homes is now the leading provider of custom build marketing and sales services to UK landowners and developers.  In our PlotStore, you can browse some early development opportunities available now, and others coming in the near future.

Here at custombuildhomes.co.uk you will find all of the services you’ll need to create your custom build home – from identifying suitable locations, choosing your plot, arranging your finances and professional support.  We work with landowners, developers and a myriad of suppliers, to deliver exciting opportunities for you.

My mission is to push the envelope, by providing innovative new methods that support and enable greater opportunity.  For example, I firmly believe a key driver for custom build in the UK is reaching young people, to educate and inspire them to demand more from their housing options, whatever their budget.  This will involve the creation of new products supporting first time buyers, and bringing forward different development models to increase the numbers of young people custom building their own homes.

Having worked extensively across the United States, where custom build is commonplace, I have observed that given the choice, most customers prefer to have a say in the design and specification of their home.  Custom build is the solution – without any need to compromise on individuality, design or quality.   You purchase a serviced plot, design a home to your individual specification and budget, and decide how involved you want to be in the delivery of your new home.  You can do a lot of work yourself, or you can have your home built for you by a developer and contractors.

I hope you enjoy this new platform and feel inspired to begin your custom build journey to a better quality, tailored home.  My team and I have worked very hard to deliver exciting content.  Be sure to check back regularly, to see us evolve over the coming months, as the pace of custom build accelerates.


Tom Connor 

Head of Operations